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Rosalba Valdez is a Mexican-American musician from Chicago. Regularly singing and playing her guitar for Sunday church services, community events, rallies, and protests, from the age of five, Rosalba grew up in an environment of activism and community engagement, all while finding her music had as much place in the struggle as it did anywhere else. Rosalba learned that she could speak out about the injustices in her community and stay true to her identity all while pursuing her passion.

The name of her debut EP, “Yo Soy Mexicana,” comes from the immense pride Rosalba has for being Mexican-American born of immigrant parents. Her new single, "She's Living in Sanctuary," inspired by two women (Francisca Lino and Elvira Arellano) who took sanctuary at her church to avoid their deportation and being separated from their family, calls attention to the immigrant experience and calls on President Biden to fulfill the Obama promise of legalization and protection for the 11 million undocumented in the country. She recently performed an acoustic version of her song for the finale of the Mariposas CAGED Installation at Vault Gallery in Pilsen and will perform it with a live band during her set at Ruido Fest on August 22nd before it and the music video's official release on September 1st.


In today’s political climate, Rosalba believes it is important to not only be vocal but active in the community. Rosalba is proud of her culture and heritage and seeks to honor it with her music.



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